Chris’s Star Wars Dance Party!

Click the pic to see our most unprofessional article to date. And that’s saying something.

Click play to get this party started!

Yub nub, eee chop yub nub,
Toe meet toe pee chee keene,
G’noop dock fling oh ah.

Yah wah, eee chop yah wah,
Toe meet toe pee chee keene
G’noop dock fling oh ah.

Coa tee cha too. Yub nub!
Coa tee cha doo. Yah wah!
Coa tee cha too. Glo wah!

Allay loo tu nuv!

Mi maka du du! Ya ha!

Oo wah oo. Ah oowah oo nah nee da. Lahn dah dee dah.

Oo wah oo. Loop ot oo wah nee doo, flit nah dah dah dah.

Glo wah, eee chop glo wah
Ya glo wah pee chu nee foam,
Ah toot dee awe goon daa.

Coa tee cha too. Yub nub!
Coa tee cha doo. Yah wah!
Coa tee cha doo. Ya chaa!
Allay loo tu nuv!

Allay loo tu nuv!
Allay loo tu nuv!
Allay loo tu nuv!
Allay loo tu nuv!

The song you be poppin’ and lockin’ to is “Yub-Nub” by Perry Gripp, former lead singer of Nerf Herder. But the party doesn’t stop there!

Enjoy this bumpin’ disco version of the Star Wars theme by The King Of Instrumental Dance Music himself,

Cowboy strippers, flapper girls, and what appears to be a half naked Catholic clergyman? There’s nothing more Star Wars than that! By the way, you can click Meco’s logo to download it for your fine selves, my disco babies.

Check out these itty bitty versions of the original trilogy!

Meco mp3 and many animated gifs courtesy of

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Mrs. X

Hey I found a good version of the Stan Bush video on YouTube. Someone pulled it off MTV2, good sound and picture quality. You should totally link it to

I couldn’t agree more! -Chris

Mrs. X

Wow this place has everything. So are you already not happy about the transformers movie. Frankly from the previews I’ve seen I don’t like how the they look. On a completely unrelated topic I was watching Blues Brothers the other day and realized Steven Williams who plays the African American cop is the same Steven Williams who plays Mr. X on the best tv show ever. I’ve seen Blues Brothers well over 200 times now and I’m obsessed with The X-Files….I can’t believe I just now made the connection.

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