Chris’s Shameless Birthday Postathon

Tomorrow is my birthday. This costs $100. If just 20 of you put in $5 each, we could make this happen. We could put this glorious ’80s style LEGO spaceship into the hands of a young man who desperately wants a miracle. You can change a life. For just $5, you can change the world. The power is in YOUR hands. Just open your hearts and give!

People, we are SO close to making this special young man’s dream come true. We’re only $100 from our goal. Together we can make miracles happen. Open your hearts and be the change you want to see in the world.

You can be the miracle…

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Amy Childress Carder

I got $5 on it. How can I deny someone’s dream?!! 😉


did you already get this one?

Andy Dale Smith


Andy Dale Smith

I got this for myself a few years ago….if it’s worth this much now I’ll sell it…..

Melissa Brophy Banks

Oh what the heck! I’m in for $5.00 cousin n law!

Jackie Banks McMillin

$5 here, how can I turn away a dear cousin!

Andy Dale Smith


Kristina Reinert

So umm you got that 20 spot I lent you? 😉

Kathy Brisco

I will give you $20 little brother. Happy Birthday!!!

Melissa Brophy Banks

Cousin n law, Sonny Jr. Banks & Jonathan Rga Banks said put them down for $10. And just cause you crack me up $ 5 more from me.

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