Chris will miss Stargate SG-1

Sci-Fi Channel has declined to pick up the 11th season of Stargate: SG-1. Now you know as much about it as I do. Click the pic to join us in mourning and complaint.

I have yet to see Stargate: Infinity or Stargate: Atlantis. I know a lot of fans really hated Infinity, but I’m a big animation fan, so still I wanna check it out. And I’ve heard really good things about Atlantis.

I think one thing that REALLY hurt SG-1 was too many cast additions. I think a lot of TV shows could take a cue from The Rolling Stones; when a member leaves, don’t replace them. Just keep on working with what you’ve got. This was the same thing that killed SlidersAirwolf, and I suspect to some degree Deadwood. You can’t expect people to really like a character for years and years, and then like some new guy just as much all of a sudden, especially if the new guy is the first guy’s replacement. People just don’t work like that.

I’m working on a bunch of stuff for the site and the show right now, folks, and I am just exhausted. I got nuthin’ more to give ya. After 10 solid years, Stargate’s done been canceled. Holla back about it.

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Mrs. X

I think the show had run it’s course. Plus they are still going to produce and show the umpteen million Stargate spinoffs so that should keep fans happy.

Pretty much killed the X-Files too. Man Sliders now there was a great show. But yeah I pretty much stopped watching when they killed off the Professor he was my favorite character.

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