Chris reviews Aquaman: Battle For Atlantis

Just laid down $2.12 for the Aquaman video game… and I TOTALLY overpaid.

In the comics Aquaman is so bad ass. But it’s continually shitty interpretations like this that turn the character into a joke. This has got to be the worst comic book video game I have ever played.

It was clearly based on some previous game engine. And I’m pretty sure it was a flight simulator, because the controls to make him swim up and down are inverted like a fucking flight stick. As a matter of fact, the only way you can tell he’s swimming through Atlantis and not flying through it is the trail of bubbles he leaves behind him. High speed cavitation bubbles… so far the ONLY thing this game got right.

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Dave Snellen

Is it for PC? If so, I MUST have it! I’ll give you $2.15 for it. Tidy profit, I’d say. 😉

Dave Snellen


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