Chris Loves Cowboys & Aliens

Caught an advanced screening of Cowboys & Aliens last night. Totally dug it. Not once was my intelligence insulted. Sci-fi fans and fans of Westerns will love it. Huge thanks to Craig Binder for hooking me up with the pass.

Daniel Craig was great. No accent slips, no cheesiness. He was a great outlaw. And Harrison Ford almost redeemed himself for Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. But only almost.

Mrs. X, you need to see this film. Several times during the movie I thought, “This is exactly what Carrie’s been asking for.” It was sci-fi that actually takes place in the Old West. I think you’ll like it. For the most part it’s more Western than sci-fi, until the end. And it has a lot more comedy than I expected. Don’t rent it. It’s definitely an owner.

To the haters, allow me to address your most common complaint. Of course it’s far-fetched. It’s a movie about aliens. There’s no “x & Aliens” where x = anything that’s going to make the premise less unrealistic. And I thought the title sucked, too, but after seeing the movie I think it’s perfect. It tells you 100% of what you need to know without spoiling anything.

See this movie. Chris tested, Chris approved.

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