Chris digs the Transformers 3 Flip-Outs at Burger King

Attention TransFans: the TF3 Flip-Outs kids meal toys at Burger King might be of interest. I just picked up Optimus Prime and Megatron. Not gonna open Megs up, because, like Shania Twain, it don’t impress me much. But Optimus is nice. Not because of the toy, which is kind of useless, but because the “Autobots, roll out!” audio clip it plays really is Peter Cullen’s voice. That’s a win for a $1 toy a disgruntled, poorly trained teenage burger monkey hands you through your car window.

ARTICLE UPDATED: June 29th, 2011 at 12:18 am

Okay, so I finally got curious and opened the Burger King Megatron Flip-Out toy. SO glad I did. The “awesome sound” the cryptic ad refers to is the original transformation sound from the 1980s Transformers series. The sound wasn’t even featured in the first two films, and who knows if it’ll be in this one, but it’s awesome to hear it again, and from a $1 toy no less.

Check out sportswolf3‘s video to hear it.

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