Their Name Was Nex

Why are you telling Republicans that this is the result of their hate speech, bigotry, and removal of legal protections? They know. Shit like this is exactly what they want. This was no surprise to them. It’s the calculated and desired end result of a campaign to teach the like-minded that anyone different from themselves aren’t really people. So you can do whatever you want to them. Why are you trying to shame them for this outcome? This is exactly what they want. They want disposable child soldiers who are technically unaffiliated with them to commit murder without ever being ordered to, so they can later wash their hands of them and shed crocodile tears about the “senseless tragedy.” This is just another little moment of victory for them. Why are you explaining to them that they caused this? They are well aware. And they are proud of it.

Your Body, Republicans’ Choice

Republicans are showing us exactly how medical exceptions are designed to work in post-Roe America, which is not at all. Even conditions which are almost guaranteed to kill a mother are not enough to prevent having an abortion denied, EVEN WHEN A JUDGE DEEMS IT MEDICALLY NECESSARY. This was always part of their plan. There will never be a legally safe abortion option under Republicans, because Republicans value a dead fetus more than a living woman. Spread your fake concern about Biden’s age all you like, but his administration has never sanctioned the politically motivated medical murder of a pregnant mother of two just to appease a minority of voters. The Republican party is doing so RIGHT NOW. Remember that when it’s time to vote.

Man Up

Republican fundamentalists want to use data from period tracking apps to monitor women under the guise of protecting the unborn. Fuck that. If enough men download and use these apps, that data will be skewed to near uselessness. I myself have installed Flo and Clue, and am tracking my birth control and menstruation regularly. I encourage all my male readers to do the same. Ladies, are there any other period tracking apps we should be using? Also, there are an awful lot of questions these apps ask that I do not know how to answer. Any advice on how to better use these apps would be greatly appreciated. Click the pic and comment directly on the article; Facebook can’t delete my offline data, and comments hosted on my site will never be attached to your profiles. Feel free to use a fake email address for comments if you aren’t comfortable using a real one.


Violence perpetrated by men against women is an epidemic. This is not a women’s safety issue. It is a male behavioral issue. Start putting the blame where it belongs. The problem is men.

Sharia Minnesota

Minnesota Supreme Court throws out rape conviction because intoxicated woman willingly consumed alcohol

Idiocy like this isn’t only nonsensical, it is blatantly anti-woman. How much more backward can our country get before we put a stop to it? This is a state in which a convicted rapist actually has parental rights, forcing the woman he raped to allow him to visit her child. That is the mentality of these people. That is the same sort of barbaric behavior we openly deride when we hear about it in the Middle East. Why do we tolerate it here?