Violence perpetrated by men against women is an epidemic. This is not a women’s safety issue. It is a male behavioral issue. Start putting the blame where it belongs. The problem is men.

Sharia Minnesota

Minnesota Supreme Court throws out rape conviction because intoxicated woman willingly consumed alcohol

Idiocy like this isn’t only nonsensical, it is blatantly anti-woman. How much more backward can our country get before we put a stop to it? This is a state in which a convicted rapist actually has parental rights, forcing the woman he raped to allow him to visit her child. That is the mentality of these people. That is the same sort of barbaric behavior we openly deride when we hear about it in the Middle East. Why do we tolerate it here?

Fuck Utah

2022 Update: Above is a 2020 pamphlet distributed by clergy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to 14 year old girls before a dance.

I find it ironic that Utah, a state dominated by a religion that institutionalized forced marriages, child brides, statutory rape, and polygamy, would have the gall to challenge the rights of gay people to be married there. Hey, Mormons, would it make you more comfortable if the older gay guy was marrying four or five 12 year old boys against their will? Because you seemed pretty cool with that arrangement when that was the way you treated little girls.

Education: The eradication of child abuse begins with building informed, empowered communities with the courage to talk openly about this difficult issue. Child abuse, particularly child sexual abuse, is a crime of secrecy. As high-profile cases capture media attention, social outrage continues to drive the conversation out of the shadows.

Start the dialogue. Inspire others to talk openly. Open conversation is the most effective tool we have to eradicate child abuse.

Parents: Educate your children about child abuse in an age-appropriate way. If you’re uncertain how to approach it, contact your child’s physician or a local Children’s Justice Center to learn ways to approach this conversation. Recognize and report suspected abuse. 
Learn the signs and symptoms of abuse.
• Be aware of the reality of child abuse in Utah and across the nation.
• Know the role and impact of the Children’s Justice Centers Program.
• Report abuse when it is suspected. Contact law enforcement or child protective services to get help.

More Of This, Please

When you base a society on barbaric religious traditions that promote the abuse of half your population, expect acts of barbarism. Just don’t bitch when the acts of barbarism don’t go the way you expect.

Pussy Riot

Why the fuck is everyone so surprised at the Russian response to Pussy Riot? Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past 100 years or so, witnessing Russia coming down unfairly and brutally hard on those who voice opposition to the state should not exactly come as news.

And if you are bothered by the reactionary third-world mentality that would cause such an unjust punishment for publicly criticizing the status quo, then you may want to move. It’s going to become more and more commonplace here as well. And very soon, too.

That’s what happens to every society that abandons reason and tolerance in favor of fear mongering and zealotry. You get what you put in. You raise generations of increasingly ignorant, willfully superstitious and anti-intellectual citizens, you get a state exemplified by oppression and punitive reaction to even the most harmless displays of dissatisfaction. Garbage in, garbage out.

This Is What They Want To Teach Your Children

Pages from actual textbooks. If this doesn’t piss you off, then you do not deserve to have offspring, and I want you forcibly sterilized.

Believing idiocy like those textbooks teach makes it really easy to believe the idiocy Republicans use TO MAKE LAWS. Moronic children make for moronic adults. Garbage in, garbage out.

Aliens, if you’re up there, you can go ahead and wipe us out now. I’ll totally understand.