Halloween 2023: October 20ᵗʰ – Bone Shaker II: The Heretic

I knew last year when I wrote my first Bone Shaker article that there was no way I could cover all the chrome skull goodness that Hot Wheels has to offer. And I know that again this year. Bone Shaker is one of the best selling and most iconic Hot Wheels cars ever created, and Mattel is not about to stop marketing the hell out of it, especially around Halloween. So click the pic and see what I’ve found this time around!

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Halloween 2023: October 14ᵗʰ –The Duck Of Death

You know how sometimes the mood strikes and you just have to buy a couple of dozen rubber ducks, so you buy a couple of dozen Halloween rubber ducks, but then you’re like, “I wonder if these are all really going to be Halloween rubber ducks?,” so you buy them and write an article about it? Me too! Click the pic and let’s talk about it.

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Cheap Guns For Six-Inch Action Figures

Chap Mei is noted for being one of the best of the bad Chinese toy companies, and they have once again produced something action figure aficionados might find interesting. I picked up a couple of Chap Mei’s Soldier Force action figures in preparation for an upcoming article, and I noticed something unexpectedly cool: these 1:18 scale figures come with some rather nice 1:12 scale accessories. Click the pic and check ’em out!

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