Random Artwork Wednesday: “Did You Notice A Sign”

I’ve never worked with tempera glitter paint before, and after this I never want to work with it again. It is difficult to apply, difficult to see, it dissolves underlying dried paint, and doesn’t give anything like the finished effect I was looking for. Still, I’m happy with the way this turned out, especially the weathering on the yellow stripes. I feel like I’m finally getting a real feel for making colors do what I want on black canvas.

Random Artwork Wednesday: “A Moment Of Clarity”

This painting was made entirely without the use of brushes. All paints used in this piece were dropped from their bottles onto the canvas and allowed to run their courses guided only by gravity. Once on the canvas, the paints were never physically touched.

Random Artwork Wednesday: “A Bowl Of Rice”

䷾ – Hexagram 63 of the I Ching, commonly interpreted as Already Fording or After Completion. Its lower trigram is ☲, meaning radiance, fire. Its upper trigram is ☵, meaning gorge, water.

Random Artwork Wednesday: “I Love You, Honey Bunny”

I wanted to try my hand at painting, and I figured the first thing I should paint should be a logo for Random Art Wednesday. For those interested in such things, this is tempera paint on black canvas with a mix of tempera and acrylic for the letters.

Klik & Snap Dice Tray Hack

If you’re like me, you’ve encountered more than one reason to segregate your dice on game night.

I stumbled on this little hack while messing with fidget toys.

The rectangle works just fine, but I prefer the diagonal corner configuration. It’s far more useful.

Dollar Tree Legaux Christmas Ornaments

Faux + Lego = Legaux. Lego knockoffs were hard to come by back in the day, but you can get them anywhere now. These are from Dollar Tree, and the advantage over Lego is that I can buy all the green and red I need to make Christmas ornaments without blowing a whole paycheck on sets full of pieces I don’t want. And they’re cheap enough to give away as presents… which is exactly what I did! Click the pic and check out what I came up with. I’ve even included tips to help you build your own if you’d like. Ho ho ho!

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