Halloween 2023: October 20ᵗʰ – Bone Shaker II: The Heretic

I knew last year when I wrote my first Bone Shaker article that there was no way I could cover all the chrome skull goodness that Hot Wheels has to offer. And I know that again this year. Bone Shaker is one of the best selling and most iconic Hot Wheels cars ever created, and Mattel is not about to stop marketing the hell out of it, especially around Halloween. So click the pic and see what I’ve found this time around!

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Halloween 2023: October 18ᵗʰ – Star Tribe Halloween Figures

It has recently been pointed out to me that the reason I am somewhat socially isolated and miss fun daytime Halloween activities is that I work odd hours and therefore sleep even odder hours. Well, that is all true. And at the moment there is not much I can do about it. So if I can’t hang out with friends and loved ones during my waking hours, then I guess I’ll just have to build some new ones. Click the pic and watch me get my acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Frankenstein on!

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Halloween 2023: October 15ᵗʰ – Legaux Pumpkins

Faux Lego. Legaux. This is a fast and easy article about a fast and easy build. You’re probably saying to yourself, “He’s building an awful lot of Legaux Halloween stuff this year. I wonder if this is all leading to him combining these sets into something bigger?” Well, you’ll find out. Just not in this article. Come on in, it’s a super quick read today.

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Halloween 2023: October 14ᵗʰ –The Duck Of Death

You know how sometimes the mood strikes and you just have to buy a couple of dozen rubber ducks, so you buy a couple of dozen Halloween rubber ducks, but then you’re like, “I wonder if these are all really going to be Halloween rubber ducks?,” so you buy them and write an article about it? Me too! Click the pic and let’s talk about it.

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