Real Men Don’t Play GURPS

Chris’s note: I’m reposting this without the author’s permission. His website has been inactive for about two and a half years, so waiting around for permission seems like it might be a waste of time. And real men don’t waste time. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to wash down a pile of rare meat with a bottle of whiskey, then roll up some characters. Like a man, baby. Like a man.

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On The Subject Of Online Tests

I was checking out the site of our latest active commenter and saw that Anniina had taken an online geek test at I’ve got nothing but free time at work, so I hit it like an infidel. My score was 58.57988% – Extreme Geek. Got a button that says so and everything:

would have posted the results on her site, but since she doesn’t allow anonymous comments (boo! boo! rubbish! filth! boo!) I had to put them here. Besides, this is where you can Get Your Geek On™, so I had to show that we are, in fact, authorities on the matter.