Asshole Jihad

I swear to Lucifer and all the dark minions of Hell, if the motherfucking Jets go to the Super Bowl, I will personally fly to New York City and mule kick 44 random strangers straight in the anus. You hear that, New York? YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!


Hey, this is Chris from the Sci-Fi Guys. We have web presence!!! Welcome, please feel free to browse around and look at all the content we do not yet have. Thanks for watching, and keep circulating the tapes.

I feel a great disturbance in the web…

And lo, for a new website has been wrought upon you.

Expect content to come soon – and expect the flow of content to dry up pretty quickly afterwards… it is the way of things. Also, don’t be surprised if a bunch of the parts of the website aren’t working yet. Working on the IntarWeb is HARD!