Unending Series Of Assholes

Just a heard whiny, conservative man-bitch in the waiting room complaining that there was a preferred pronoun option on the check-in paperwork. Then he had to ask for help because he didn’t know what information should go in the “Patient Employer” field. And that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the mental capacity of these proud American voters.

Learning Is Hard… For You

So we’ve moved from anti-intellectualism to outright anti-education propaganda. Wonderful. I’m disgusted to see how many people I know who have profited from higher education posting anti-school bullshit. A lot of you are of the “fuck your feelings” crowd who claim to be fans of harsh truths, so here’s one: you did badly in school because you were intellectually lazy. A lot of you like to hide behind the excuse that you’re not very bright, so it’ll sound like it wasn’t your fault. Like you are the victim. But you aren’t. School was never the problem, you were. And I know this is true for a lot of you, because I was there I and I watched you. Those ultimately behind this movement will not be happy until all education is mandated by law to be either church sanctioned or nonexistent.

I’m going to leave a link for you to check out. It’s pertinent, and important. Given the state of things, I doubt any of you will bother to read it. It contains a lot of big words and thoughts that might actually result in you learning something. And I know how much you hate that.


Ghost Sign

Occasionally my job requires me to be in Cincinnati in the wee hours of the morning. Not long ago, as I was leaving our downtown site just after dawn, I spotted this blast from the past on a nearby rooftop. In case seeing this made you feel old, I’ve got some good news: Shillito’s went out of business in 1986, which means this sign has been exposed to the elements, unretouched, for at least the last thirty-seven years. All things considered, it’s held up pretty well. So you’re probably doing better than you think.

The Mark Mains Prayer Vigil Of 2013, 10ᵗʰ Anniversary Retrospective

“I’m asking for all your help to lift up prayers for my friend Mark Allen Mains, who was admitted to the hospital last night. Has pneumonia and an irregular heartbeat, and is in ICU for observation. I believe he had a massive heart attack and I do not expect him to make it through the night. Let us all pray for each other.”

In early March, 2013, The Sci-Fi Guys’ own Mark Mains was admitted to the ER and later moved to the ICU for heartbeat irregularities. He made it clear to us that it was nothing severe, no need to come to the hospital, and that staying overnight was largely just a safety precaution. During what could have become a serious medical event, Mark took the time to make sure his friends knew he was alright. It was both thoughtful and responsible. And I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re saying to yourselves, “I bet Chris reciprocated in kind. I just know good ol’ Chris did the right thing. I bet he respected Mark’s wishes and stayed home.” And of course I did. I stayed home. But I like to think of myself as a good friend, and I always try to do just a little bit extra whenever I’m able. So I gave Mark what I like to think of as my bonus plan. Chris Staying At Home+, if you will. Click the pic, brothers and sisters, to join us in fellowship and praise. Amen.

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