Dragon’s Teeth

It’s almost like there was a black guy elected as President, and the GOP decided that obstructionism and anarchic rhetoric were exactly what they needed to fire up scared racists. So they fostered a group called The Tea Party, which specialized in getting attention and being disruptive without ever managing to actually do anything constructive. And now they’re stuck with them. They don’t call themselves The Tea Party anymore, but the major players are still around. And now that Republicans need unity they’ve found out – surprise! surprise! – they can’t have it. Because obstructionism and disruptive, anti-social behavior doesn’t just go away, especially when it has been rewarded for so long.

Performative Humanity

In this time of “giving,” I think it’s important to remember that if you have less fortunate people pose with you while you’re doing things for them, or you wait to do your good deeds until the camera is rolling, it’s not charity. It’s a performance. You’re posing. And you’re not caring for those in need. You’re using them. And that makes you repulsive.

Pair Of Kings

Since I’ve worked here, it’s just been me and Michael Jackson manning the helm. But they decided we needed another guy. So now look who I work with.

Earlier in the evening, I overheard Elvis teasing Michael Jackson about his name. Not only is he the new guy, his fucking name is ELVIS. You don’t get to tease anybody, new meat!