Son of a bitch! I knew it had to end some day, but still… it hurts. It’s been a hell of a ride. But Papa John’s customer tracking system finally got wise to the fact that I’ve been using the same buy one extra large get one free coupon since 2007. Goodbye, little buddy. You’ve been damn good to me. I’m gonna miss seeing you hanging on my fridge. 🙁

The guy on the phone was asking all kinds of questions about the coupon. “What does it look like, sir? What is the expiration date? Does it say ‘FUNDRAISER’ at the top? Is it paper or cardboard? Are the edges cut or perforated? Is there anything on the back?” The guy was trying to sleuth out the origin of this coupon like Batman searching for clues. It’s like he was taking it personally.

Just occurred to me that that coupon lasted longer than my marriage. Time to kill self.

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