Step 1: Go to Dollar Tree and locate the cleverly named “ROBOT” toys. Find the non-transforming Snaps Apart! Posable! ones above; you’ll need a yellow/black one and a white/green one. You’ll also need a Phillips screwdriver, but I’m not including that in the price. You should have one already. If you don’t, consider Step 1.5 to be “Get your life together and get a damn screwdriver.”

Step 2: Disassemble the robot bodies and their gun/sword/weapon thingies. Separate all removable parts except the arms and legs. Doing this on a nice, soft quilted comforter is optional, but this is a Christmas craft, so you might as well be cozy.

Step 3: Reassemble all the Christmassy colored parts into your very own Christmas robot. You can think up a cool Christmas themed name for it if you like. But you can’t call it Nativitron® because I put a little symbol after it. That means it’s mine.

Step 4: Grab your Christmas robot and dance. Beep beep boop boop!

The Retrobot - Christmas Robot - Official Music Video


While you’re at Dollar Tree, take advantage of this incredible deal! Dollar Tree now offers complete polyhedral dice sets for just $1!

I thought these might be irregulars, but they seem to be well shaped 16mm dice, and I can’t find any major paint errors.

The only complaint I can foresee my loyal readers having is that they feel lighter than Chessex or Koplow dice. Not significantly lighter, but it’s definitely noticeable once you get them off the blister card. But these are Dollar Tree dice, so there was bound to be some sacrifice in quality. If that’s my only complaint – which it is – then I’d call these a bargain. The numerals are easily readable, the colors are vibrant enough, and they include this unusual burnt copper colored set which I would not have expected to see in cheaper dice. Grab some for that special geek on your Christmas list.

And may God bless us, every one!

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