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Am I the only one who knows shitty veterans? Reading all these posts, it appears I am. I’m not even joking, I have known some real pieces of human trash who have been through the American military system. That’s why I find it impossible to send out a blanket statement thanking all veterans as heroes. Because they’re all not. And thanking them all equally is massively disrespectful to the ones who actually deserve our gratitude. I’m absolutely positive that most veterans are like most people: decent folks just trying to get by, who do their jobs as best they can under the circumstances. And I’ve got nothing but love for them. But not all veterans are heroes.

Don’t believe me? Ask a veteran. I promise you, they will confirm they know at least one goldbricking shitpile they detested during their service. If all veterans were heroes, the following things wouldn’t exist: military police, the uniform code of military justice, and dishonorable discharges. Benedict Arnold? Veteran. Adolf Hitler? Veteran. L. Ron Hubbard? Veteran. Lee Harvey Oswald? Veteran. David “Son Of Sam” Berkowitz? Veteran. Jeffrey fucking Dahmer? Veteran. Not to mention the ones I know personally. So cut the shit. Do something meaningful on Veterans Day. Thank a veteran who deserves it, personally, with spoken words, as you look them in the eye. And mean it. Because all your saccharine Facebook gushing is masturbation: you might be making yourself feel good, but the rest of us really don’t need to see it.

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