Episode Six and all others

Chris and I have gotten together and laid out a rough cut of Episode 6. There are a few more pieces of the show that need to be grabbed requiring the filming of the other Guys, but once that’s done it’ll be sent off to air.

I’ve also completed the first revision of the DVD Archives, by far the most exhaustive work I’ve done for a DVD. I’m in the process of cleaning up and tightening the menus and making them more generic for each volume set so that I don’t need perform a six-hour grudge-fest for every volume we complete. I expect Volume I: Episodes One and Two to be completed in two weeks. Talk to Chris about distribution, he’ll set you straight.

I feel a great disturbance in the web…

And lo, for a new website has been wrought upon you.

Expect content to come soon – and expect the flow of content to dry up pretty quickly afterwards… it is the way of things. Also, don’t be surprised if a bunch of the parts of the website aren’t working yet. Working on the IntarWeb is HARD!