Amber’s On A Boat

“Take a good, hard look at the muthafuckin’ boat… The boat engine make noise, motherfucker.”

This is Amber Norris’s mix CD, and it is pretty much all I’ve been listening to for the last couple of days. Every time I start to listen to something else, “Party Hard” comes on and I’m stuck. Then Tenacious D’s “Tribute” and “Wonderboy” take me far away from the mucky muck. And just when I think I can bring myself to hit eject, Muse pounds out “Uprising” until I’m angry and pumped. But just when I’m stoked enough to punch someone, something completely unexpected and kind of magical happens. My oldest musical love, The Beach Boys, show up and completely soothe and transport me with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

This CD is always surprising and funny and charming and eclectic and fun, and, even though I’ve listened to it a thousand times, it is somehow never what I expect. It is, essentially, Amber. It’s like riding around with snippets of her brain and soul in my CD player. And then the disc starts over and track 01 lands me right back on a boat, motherfucker. With my nautical themed pashmina afghan. Riding a dolphin doin’ flips and shit.

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