Random Artwork Wednesday: “Does It Gotta Be Exact?”

I recently read about camaïeu, which is the technique of painting an image entirely in tints of a single color. When camaïeu is done in yellow it is called cirage. The specificity of this word fascinated me, and I decided I wanted to paint a cirage geometric abstract. Camaïeu paintings are usually done in two or three tints. To reflect that, I painted this with the yellow tempera paint I normally use, plus two paints I have never used before: sunshine yellow gloss enamel and a translucent yellow matte spray paint meant for use on polycarbonate.

Random Artwork Wednesday: “Granddad Was Facing Death. He Knew It.”

I painted this as a contest entry to help promote a friend’s business. It is my interpretation of the Mothman of West Virginia folklore. The version of the painting I entered in the contest can be seen below. After submitting it I repainted the trees in the background using the edges of thin metal plates instead of brushes. I have since ordered two differently sized palette knives and I will be using them from now on. They are a game changer.

By the way, I found it was almost impossible to paint two circles of the same size with a brush. So I just dipped a pencil eraser in red paint and touched it to the canvas. Instant matching eyes. Just throwing that out there if anyone needs it.