Random Artwork Wednesday: Xenomorph-Rex

Way back in 1997, DC and Dark Horse published the two-issue Batman/Aliens crossover. Issue #2 showed us that when a facehugger attaches itself to a crocodile, we don’t get a crocodilian xenomorph. No, we get a goddamned xenomorph T-rex. Why? Because comic books, that’s why. Anyway, over the years a few people have taken this concept and run with it. Here are a few of the results.

SPOILER ALERT: If you’re wondering how Batman subdues the Xenomorph-rex, he doesn’t. Faced with certain death, the Caped Crusader tricks the X-rex into a pool of lava, where it thrashes in excruciating torment as it is burned alive. Yay for happy endings!

Batman Day 2023

It’s the third Saturday in September, and you know what that means! Here’s wishing you a dark and vengeful Batman Day… now go out and support your local comic shop!