Cheap Guns For Six-Inch Action Figures

Chap Mei is noted for being one of the best of the bad Chinese toy companies, and they have once again produced something action figure aficionados might find interesting. I picked up a couple of Chap Mei’s Soldier Force action figures in preparation for an upcoming article, and I noticed something unexpectedly cool: these 1:18 scale figures come with some rather nice 1:12 scale accessories. Click the pic and check ’em out!

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Learning Is Hard… For You

So we’ve moved from anti-intellectualism to outright anti-education propaganda. Wonderful. I’m disgusted to see how many people I know who have profited from higher education posting anti-school bullshit. A lot of you are of the “fuck your feelings” crowd who claim to be fans of harsh truths, so here’s one: you did badly in school because you were intellectually lazy. A lot of you like to hide behind the excuse that you’re not very bright, so it’ll sound like it wasn’t your fault. Like you are the victim. But you aren’t. School was never the problem, you were. And I know this is true for a lot of you, because I was there I and I watched you. Those ultimately behind this movement will not be happy until all education is mandated by law to be either church sanctioned or nonexistent.

I’m going to leave a link for you to check out. It’s pertinent, and important. Given the state of things, I doubt any of you will bother to read it. It contains a lot of big words and thoughts that might actually result in you learning something. And I know how much you hate that.

Nobody Cares About Your Fake Bullshit

Fake country.

There is no “backlash” over a country song. The people you think are up in arms have never heard that song. They don’t listen to country music. And they don’t fucking care. You’re full of shit. Your “sources” are full of shit. It’s all fake. And you either know it and are participating in the lie, or you’re too stupid to see how desperate they are to invent conflict. Either way, go fuck yourselves.

If you look at where the bulk of these posts are coming from, they were initially from small right wing nobodies desperate for attention. They reposted to dozens of country music fan pages to try and stir up controversy, but that didn’t seem to work. Finally conservative local TV news outlets started reposting it. It wasn’t until then that this became anything. It’s all fake. It’s a bunch of neo-Nazis pretending that liberals are attacking small town values. It’s fucking made up. And they’re relying on Facebook users to be stupid enough to fall for it. Which they were.

I was asked if I believed the song was racist or not. I have no idea. I have never heard this song or anything by the artist, nor do I intend to. A lot of black people are saying this is absolutely a racist song, and I believe them. Who am I to say otherwise when I have never heard it? When I say this is a fake controversy, I’m referring to the so-called “backlash” against the singer. It’s manufactured. It’s a dog whistle – a rallying cry to other right wingers who profit from racial tension and conflict. Don’t feed them. Don’t fall for it. It’s fake.