Halloween 2022: Oct. 25ᵗʰ – Pinkiwine Halloween Big Treat Bags

These were a lot of fun to build. If you click THIS LINK or any image in the article below, you can get this four-pack for only $8, and a portion of your purchase will go to Planned Parenthood Of Indiana And Kentucky. Since March 2022, purchases like these have generated $61,825.20 for Planned Parenthood Of Indiana And Kentucky, and with your help we could break the $70,000 mark by New Year’s Day. So get in the mix! Click the pics. Buy some bricks. And save some chicks!

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Halloween 2022: Oct. 26ᵗʰ – Happy National Pumpkin Day!

I had no idea today was National Pumpkin Day. Probably because I had no idea there was a National Pumpkin Day. But I have some Halloween snacks to share with you, and some of them are pumpkin. Also, I’ll insult the pie making skills of a beloved local eatery, and impugn the integrity of a multinational burger chain. Come on in and take a bite!

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Halloween 2022: Oct. 22ⁿᵈ – Smile

Since this is still in theatres I’ll avoid any spoilers and just say this: after the big name cast and splashy advertising of Halloween Ends resulted in such ridiculous disappointment, it was refreshing to walk into a theater and sit down to a movie I knew almost nothing about, starring people I’d never heard of, and be genuinely entertained.

Smile was a story I have NEVER seen before. This was original. The villain was outstanding. The female lead was never sexualized. The black supporting actor was never turned into a racist stereotype. And, except for the very, very end, all the characters made natural, intelligent choices. Unlike Halloween Ends, Smile made sense. It made me want to watch it again. But most of all it made me glad I went. And you can’t ask for much more than that.