Sharia Minnesota

Minnesota Supreme Court throws out rape conviction because intoxicated woman willingly consumed alcohol

Idiocy like this isn’t only nonsensical, it is blatantly anti-woman. How much more backward can our country get before we put a stop to it? This is a state in which a convicted rapist actually has parental rights, forcing the woman he raped to allow him to visit her child. That is the mentality of these people. That is the same sort of barbaric behavior we openly deride when we hear about it in the Middle East. Why do we tolerate it here?

Republican neo-Nazis enforce Jim Crow laws

GA Police Spark Outrage After Arresting Black Lawmaker for Knocking on Governor’s Door During Bill Signing

If you don’t believe, or just don’t care, that the Republican party is the party of modern neo-Nazis and is actively enforcing and drafting new Jim Crow laws, you’re and idiot and I want you to defriend me immediately. I am fucking sick of seeing my own country turn further into a police state where outrageous charges are invented so that white people who otherwise cannot win elections are given carte blanche to strip away freedoms that I and all other Americans are guaranteed by birthright.