This All Day

This all fucking day. “Turning on Trump” with two weeks left in his presidency is like spitting on your neighbors for four straight years then offering them your hand in friendship. Don’t want it, don’t need it; too little, too late. You mock kindness and cooperation then demand it in your time of loss? Go fuck yourselves. You’re reaping what you’ve sown. It’s a bitter harvest, but it’s what you so proudly planted against better advice. Don’t cry now because you don’t like the taste.


It is difficult to imagine a scenario in which armed civilian insurgents gained access to the Capitol building without having been allowed to do so. This wasn’t a police “failure.” I think you’ll find the proper term is “complicity.” Bullshit conspiracy theories and support for these traitors will be deleted, no exceptions.

Yes, I’m fully aware this isn’t a picture of the Capitol. The red X over the word should have made that apparent. But if a memorial can be protected to this degree, then surely a group of elected officials with their own dedicated police force should have been safe in the Capitol, especially when the rioters publicly announced their intentions to cause destruction days before the event.

Of course we now have video of the USCP traitors assisting the rioters in entering the Capitol to threaten the lives of duly elected officials who were trying to do the jobs they were elected and sworn to do. But by all means, before we address that, let’s make sure I post pictures of the correct building. Deflect open evidence of treason and sedition in any way that makes you feel better about supporting the people who encouraged and facilitated this attack. Because that is what you have done, and that is what you are continuing to do.

I hope and suspect that some of you who facilitated the traitors who attacked our Capitol are feeling a tinge of guilt when you see what things have come to. That’s culpability. And you, and everyone like you, who not so passively pretended this was all a game while knowing goddamned better, share a measure of responsibility for this. All of you. You know this. I know this. And if things are to ever to return to any sort of normalcy, it will require you to acknowledge openly your role and responsibility for the things that have happened over the past four years. Admit your guilt and acknowledge your participation. That’s the only way we all move forward.


When the police take selfies with domestic terrorists while those terrorists are actively engaged in open insurrection, they are no longer police. They are traitors.

Cowboy Up

Voting is one of your basic freedoms. Going to the movies isn’t. Getting on a plane isn’t. Going to a concert or sporting event with 30,000 attendees isn’t. Those things weren’t even dreamed of when your basic freedoms were being written. Those are modern luxuries. So if you would-be rough and ready conservatives are so in favor of voter ID laws, then you won’t mind showing proof of vaccination to get into theaters and airports and stadiums. After all, it’s for the public good, just like you say gun licenses and concealed carry permits are. Besides, if five year old children can handle providing proof they’ve had their shots to get into something as essential as grade school, surely you can handle providing proof you’ve had your shots before you partake in completely optional entertainment that any independent, self reliant conservative should be able to live without.