In Memoriam: Hamilton Mitchell

Hamilton Mitchell, August 13, 1957 – January 31, 2021

I met Hamilton and his wife Robbie a few years ago in LA. Mandy McMillian had promised to take me out to the best little Italian joint in Studio City, and she absolutely delivered. Little did I know that joining us that night would be two of the most charming people I would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Over the course of a single dinner they made me feel like we’d known each other for years. Ham’s warmth and humor will resonate long after his passing. I’m very lucky to have known him.


They weren’t betting on GameStop’s failure, they were using purchasing to manipulate stock prices to ensure its failure. Then other people used purchasing to manipulate stock prices in the other direction. Both things are done all the time, and are perfectly legal. What they’re whining about is who did it. That’s what it comes down to. They didn’t see it coming and they’re whining.

Well, too goddamned bad.

They destroy businesses and economies and call it fair play. But a bunch of Reddit users chip in to SAVE a business and they cry foul. Fuck that. Fair’s fair. GameStop lives and some greedy hedge fund capitalist pricks lose everything. Good. You don’t want to lose your money, then don’t throw your chips in the pot. They knew the risks. Fuck ’em.