The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition, Episode 26 – Christmas Tins Week

Seasons greetings, my friends, and welcome back to The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition! This week our bakers turn their talents to tiny tidings of Tenenbaums and tinsel. Don your coziest Christmas sweater, pour yourself a mug of cocoa, and join us for Christmas Tins Week!

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In Memoriam: Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch, February 16, 1945 – December 17, 2020

It would be difficult to overstate the warmth and affability this man showed me. Under incredibly uncomfortable circumstances he granted me an unscheduled interview and shared a few personal stories with me about working on the original Star Wars sets and bringing Boba Fett to life. All with a smile and a laugh. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few celebrities doing The Sci-Fi Guys, and this guy was one of the kindest. We lost a true gentleman today.

Die Alone

Our hero’s acerbic and aggressive attitude has caused his long distance separation from his family at Christmas. In order to see his family again, our hero must use his wits to survive against thieves who both outgun and outnumber him. During his struggles, he comes to the emotional realization that he was in the wrong in his family dispute, is at fault for his estrangement from them, and wants only to be with them once again.

This is the plot to both Home Alone and Die Hard. So if Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie, then neither is Home Alone. I’m willing to get into the ring over this. Bring it. Yippee kai yay, motherfuckers.