Step 1: Go to Dollar Tree and locate the cleverly named “ROBOT” toys. Find the non-transforming Snaps Apart! Posable! ones above; you’ll need a yellow/black one and a white/green one. You’ll also need a Phillips screwdriver, but I’m not including that in the price. You should have one already. If you don’t, consider Step 1.5 to be “Get your life together and get a damn screwdriver.”

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In Memoriam: Ricardo Montalbán

I came across a folder full of these images while digging through data from the old site. Clearly I had intended to post a memorial, but back then I felt that it wasn’t a valid post until I had forced my readers to endure no less than ten thousand words. That feeling is responsible for a great many things that went undone, and it is why I failed to post a memorial to the actor I still believe to be the single best villain to appear in any version of Star Trek. Montalbán’s performance in Star Trek II set a standard for adversaries that has never been surpassed.

So, on what would have been his 100th birthday, I give to you this humble collection of images, most of which Past Chris collected elevenish years ago. Look them over, then go watch Star Trek II and enjoy one of the most masterful and menacing actors ever to grace a Star Trek sound stage. Montalbán’s Khan is flawless.

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino, November 25, 1920 – January 14, 2009


Just because NewsMax is currently more insidious and fascistic than Fox News, never, EVER think for an instant that Fox News is somehow more reliable than it used to be. It isn’t. Fox News is the reason the last four years happened. Fox News was, and plans to remain, the primary instrument used to destabilize our trust in our government and utterly destroy any American freedoms that don’t align with backwards Christian fundamentalist zealotry.

The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition, Episode 24 – Friendsgiving 2020: Sweet Pies

Ah, Friendsgiving! That magical day of the year when Mandy makes her splendid turkey dinner and no one yells at me for eating too many mashed potatoes. Of course now that we have added a bit of competition in the mix, Friendsgivings are all the tastier! Join us, won’t you, for Friendsgiving 2020 – Sweet Pies!

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Home Alone

I’m enjoying the holiday mood right now, and I just watched Home Alone for the first time in thirty years. And I noticed something about it I missed back when I was fifteen. I didn’t pick up on it then, but Home Alone is a deeply, fundamentally stupid movie.

Bad acting. Shitty editing. Poor writing. Terrible ideas.

Hey, if you’re like me and need some enjoyable Christmas viewing to get the taste of Home Alone out of your brain, I recommend a shot of Gremlins followed up with a Die Hard chaser. Fixed me right up. I gotta say, watching these thieves getting ready to take over Nakatomi Plaza is actually, no bullshit, getting me in the Christmas spirit. Yippee kai yay, motherfuckers!