In Memoriam: Captain Windy

Wanda Lou Kesler Lewis, February 2, 1926 – August 17, 2020

I don’t often feel fortunate to be aging, but feel very fortunate to be old enough to remember Uncle Al and Captain Windy. Sounds like she had a long, full life.

The Great British Baking Show: Walton Edition, Episode 18 – Bring Me Apple Desserts Week

In this episode, Mandy stepped away from the competition to try her hand at cooking a Southern-style country fried chicken dinner for all of us. Since her hands were full, she called upon the boys to deliver some sweets to compliment her meal! Without further ado, here is how we answered her very simple but direct instruction, “Bring me apple desserts.”

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Cannon Smoke

By all means, please keep comparing the murder of Cannon Hinnant to the murder of George Floyd. The only reason for doing so is your transparently racist desire to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement, but you’re not making the case you think you are.

Twenty four hours after Hinnant’s murder, the shooter was arrested by members of the U.S. Marshals Service Carolinas Regional Fugitive Task Force, Goldsboro police, and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. Twenty four hours. George Floyd was murdered by police officers in public, surrounded by witnesses while being filmed by multiple sources. They were not disciplined, fired, nor arrested for WEEKS, and then only due to pressure from international public outcry.

The argument that no one is speaking up about Hinnant’s murder is idiotic; social media and national news agencies’ websites are flooded with posts about it. Conspiracy theorists with Nazi agendas want you to think that crimes committed by black people are being covered up. That is the unspoken assertion posts like this propagate. It’s white supremacist propaganda designed to scare and infuriate you. The truth is that the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others at the hands of police are indefensible, and the people posting this garbage know it.

Public opinion is overwhelmingly against police officers who murder people, and recent events in our country have demonstrated that. So, since they can’t win that argument publicly, they’re using a different tactic. They are showing you a post with a black face you can hate, and they’re attaching George Floyd’s name to it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t repost it. Unless you really, really mean it. Then, by all means, keep spreading it around. It helps us to know exactly who you are.

Someone asked how to repost this. Just copy it and paste it. You have my permission. I don’t need credit, I need my country fixed.

Shadow Docket

“The court’s ‘merits docket’ includes cases in which the justices first decide to grant review, take full briefing (including from outside parties), hold oral argument, and then deliver lengthy, signed opinions providing the court’s reasoning and resolving the case. In contrast, the ‘shadow docket‘ consists almost entirely of summary orders, usually only one sentence long. These orders tend to be based on far less participation from lawyers, far less briefing, and no oral argument. And, in almost every case, they offer virtually no insight into the justices’ reasoning…”

“Among other things, these rulings put the justices in the position of deciding weighty legal issues at a very early stage of litigation, in a context in which it is often unclear exactly what the relevant facts are and in which legal arguments have not been fully developed. The justices are fond of insisting that theirs is a ‘court of review, not first view,’ except, apparently, in these cases. In the process, these disputes consume significant time and energy at the expense of the court’s ‘merits’ cases, which dropped to their lowest total this term (with 52 cases) since … 1862. And in their impact, the justices’ rulings to date reveal three problematic trends: Republican federal and state government parties fare far better than their Democratic counterparts; the impact these orders have upon the public has disappeared from the legal analysis; and the justices are even more sharply partisan in these cases than in those that receive more attention.

But by far the most troubling feature of all of this is that it’s happening in the shadows. It’s not just that most of these orders are accompanied by no reasoning; it’s that they’re handed down at all hours of the day (including quite a few after midnight or on Friday afternoons), with little opportunity for public involvement or scrutiny.”