Say Her Name

Forced entry is listed as “No.” Her injuries are listed as “None.” You really need to know why I support rioting? Read the report. I don’t know how many police stations there are in Louisville, but I hope every fucking one of them burns to the foundations after this. Every fucking one.

Miss me with your whining and complaints. I didn’t suggest looting anything. I didn’t suggest that anyone touch a business. I was very clear about what needed to happen. And what needs to burn.

Black Mail

If the USPS is willing to prevent black people’s face masks from reaching their destinations on time, it’ll probably be pretty easy to do the same with their ballots.


This is gold. Here’s a list of people to defriend:

2023 Update: Facebook has altered the target so that this link now sends you to Cheeto Tinyhands’s page. Hey, Facebook, go fuck yourself.

Make This Piece Of Shit Famous

On the line with kneeling Oakland Cops was Officer Patrick Gonzales. He’s killed at least 3 young black men. He shot 17 year old Amir Rollins in the neck, paralyzing him for the rest of his life. He brutally beat Gary King, Jr., tore out chunks of his hair, badly burned him from tazering him over and over again, then he shot Gary dead.

That cop knelt.