From The Archives: “World Of Tomorrow: School, Work And Play”

In “From The Archives,” we take bits and pieces of the old site, brush them off, and display them for historical interest. At least that’s what I’m telling people until I come up with something better.

The truth is I used to collect an INSANE amount of content for the site. More content than I could ever reasonably hope to post. Now that we’re getting back to business, I’m going through all this old stuff and realizing that I have no memory of the vast majority of it. I’m sure I had an article in mind for these images, but all I have is a folder full of unlabeled pictures. Past Chris left Future Chris precious few clues as to his motives. I really don’t know what I intended to write, but come on in and read it anyway.

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Tens of thousands of people have used these same facemasks every day for decades at their jobs doing hard physical labor, but somehow now they are deadly? Fuck you and your fucking lies. Delete me if you’re spreading this bullshit, because you’re too fucking stupid to be in my life. Facemasks are safe. They’re inconvenient, uncomfortable, and generally suck, but they’re safe.

Look at Dan, staunchly refusing to die from suffocation.

I just took two flights to and from Los Angeles. Facemasks are required during the duration of the trip, including during layovers. That’s roughly 8.5 hours with a facemask on each way. The first mask I used was heavy cloth with a filter insert, the one I used on the way back was neoprene. Both of those are much harder to breathe through than paper masks, which are all that is required (and which the airlines will provide free of charge). If my oxygen was at 40% and there was massive carbon dioxide buildup in my bloodstream for 8.5 hours, I’m pretty sure I would be dead. Everyone on my fucking flight would be dead. Minneapolis-St. Paul airport is ridiculously huge, and my fellow passengers and I had to run from one end to the other to catch our connecting flight, all carrying either luggage or children, all wearing facemasks. You think my fat ass could do that with hypoxia? You think the old people dragging carry on bags could do that with their blood filled with poisonous gas?

Despite all mathematical probability, Dan just keeps succeeding on his save vs. death rolls.

Right wing conspiracy theory wanna-be intellectual fucktards are fearmongering. They want you to be afraid of safety equipment. They say no studies have been done to test the effectiveness of facemasks, yet somehow they have numerical data showing the masks are harmful. If no studies have been done, where are these numbers coming from? You pulled them out of your ass, that’s where. I’ve worked jobsites where I have personally seen construction workers, miners, heavy equipment operators, and asbestos removers with these facemasks on working their asses off in the heat all goddamned day. Do you really believe these guys can do 8-12 hour shifts of hard labor in the sun with 40% oxygen? Do you think surgeons, nurses, and attending residents can remain clearheaded and focused during a 12-16 hour surgery while they are suffering from carbon dioxide poisoning? Go fuck yourself, you fucking crybaby morons. Facemasks are the law. You don’t like it? Stay the fuck at home.

I am tired of pulling punches while my country eats itself. Conservatives have allowed themselves to become a cancer. It’s time for a scalpel.

You can die now.

Remember a while back when I said we would reach a point where my frustration would outweigh my humanity, and I would wish the coronavirus had killed more people? We’re there. A lot more of you need to start dying now. I say we open everything back up and let this plague do it’s job.

People who choose to act monstrously should be treated like monsters. If they are so eager to go out that they are willing to risk the lives of others, then their lives should be forfeit.