When you ask for peaceful, nondestructive protests, you’re asking for protests you can comfortably ignore. They tried that. Didn’t work. They tried it your way for DECADES because you said it was the path to mutual respect and measurable results. But you were lying. You were doing nothing more than fighting to maintain the status quo. So they found something harder to ignore. Fire. Broken glass. Violence. No one reacts well to lies that destroy their lives. What did you think was going to happen? They rioted. Yeah, of course they did, can you blame them? I can’t believe it doesn’t happen all the time. God knows you’ve given them ample reason.

Am I justifying rioting? Absolutely.

No officers were killed. Sitting idly and pretending to care about businesses won’t bring back the man the police murdered. But burning down a police station produced charges and an arrest of the murderer. I am justifying rioting because where all else failed, rioting and arson got results.

Update: The statement above caused one of my critics to say I was justifying murder because people are sometimes killed in riots. Never once did I say anything about killing anyone. Not once. That is a lie by implication. I said rioting got results. Because it did. If you want to argue that, that’s fine. But don’t try to pretend you’re taking the high road by debating things I’ve never said. If that’s your game, we’ll end that right here.

I am aware that people sometimes die in riots. Of course I am. And it’s very likely that more will die. But rioting and murder are not the same thing, nor are they inextricably linked. One does not have to result from the other. And anyone who pretends otherwise is seeking to bolster a weak position by conflating the two.

Scum Floats To The Top

Police in Louisville opened fire on news crews without saying a word. Police in Minneapolis arrested a news crew without stating any charges. These are tactics designed to punish and intimidate journalists and news agencies so they will not film nor report on police wrongdoings. This is the America you get when a sitting President is allowed to denigrate and villainize the free press.

He’s not draining the swamp. He’s just filled it with human sewage.

December 16, 1773

It’s interesting that a group of people who called themselves the Tea Party would question the motives of those who engage in organized property damage after their government fails repeatedly to address injustices perpetrated against them.

From The Archives: Ghostbusters Minimates Design Sheets And Prototypes

I must have been a busy boy back in 2009. I have so many folders of unpublished material from that year that it makes me wonder what the hell I was doing instead of writing. Come on in and check out these design sheets and prototype photos for Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum’s then upcoming line of Ghostbusters Minimates!

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