Kobe Bryant Was A Rapist

If you’re a Kobe Bryant fan, that’s fine. If you’re sad about his death, that’s fine. If you choose to express your grief about his death, that’s fine. But if you try to minimize the severity of his being an admitted rapist to justify your warm feelings for him, that is NOT fine. And it will never be fine. Calling rape an “ethical misstep” so that you feel better about liking a rapist is not acknowledging his crime. It’s minimizing it. And that makes you part of the problem.

I wasn’t going to comment on his death at all. I know nothing about basketball. I don’t care about basketball. I don’t even know who he played for. To me he was just another rich athlete criminal who got away with rape. He was a rapist, and now he’s dead. Good, fuck him. But for people to minimize rape in order to make it look acceptable to mourn for him is absolutely repugnant. If you want to say you are sad he’s dead, that’s fine. You’re allowed to be sad for whatever reason you like. But have the backbone enough to just say it. Don’t minimize his crimes to make yourself feel better about what you’re doing.

Update: someone called Kobe raping his victim a “mistake.” And I’m not having it. When you refer to rape as a mistake, that’s bullshit. And you called it a mistake three times. It very much feels like an attempt to minimize it. It wasn’t a mistake. He chose to rape someone. It was a choice. And I can’t help feeling that if you were to replace the word “mistake” with “rape,” you would never have posted what you wrote. Even replacing “mistake” with “crime” makes what you wrote sound pretty bad. And I think that’s why you didn’t use those words. Because “mistake” sounds so much easier to live with. After all, everyone makes mistakes, right? Well, no, because rape is not a mistake, and not everyone is a rapist. Calling rape a mistake is a lie that serves an agenda.

He admitted he did it. People love to bring up that his victim refused to testify, but conveniently forget the part where he admitted that he did it. Isn’t that interesting? He admitted it was NOT consensual. That’s why he apologized. You don’t have to apologize for consensual sex. And there’s no such thing as nonconsensual sex. That’s called rape. And that’s what he apologized for. Rape.

Silence & Complicity

Am I the only one who remembers Russia and East Germany during the Cold War? This is what they were like. This is what America used to proudly stand against. How can people not remember this? There is a word for people who support the people who do this: complicit. Politicians would be wise to look into what happened to the party leadership after the reunification of Germany. Their crimes were not forgotten, and they were prosecuted. And German prisons are FAR kinder than the ones we have here. For most of our old, white male politicians, imprisonment would be a one way trip. Food for thought.

Impeachment trial security crackdown will limit Capitol press access


You Disgust Me

If you want to question who made this, it was me. If you want to question my sources, each of these articles was just one click away from the main article on WCPO’s website this morning. If you want to question my reasons, just read the headlines. I’m disgusted with the nearly masturbatory way people around me act toward firearms. It’s fucking repulsive. I grew up with guns. Yeah, they were fun. Who fucking cares? Clearly we are not responsible enough to have them. How many more literal babies need to be shot before you admit that you value toys more than human lives?