We’ve Got Movie Sign!

Finally. I had a retail priced copy in my hands 13 years ago, not knowing Toho had pulled the rights, completely unaware of the value of what I was holding. I have kicked myself a thousand times for putting it down and walking out of that store. I never thought I’d own a copy, let alone one as pristine as this. It not only looks like it’s never been played, it looks like it’s never been touched. Thank you, universe. Keep circulating the tapes.

We Lost

It’s time we go ahead and congratulate al-Qaeda. 9/11 worked. You won. You knocked down a few of our buildings and turned us into a nation of paranoid cowards. And we did the rest for you. We repeatedly gave up our freedoms for a false sense of security. We handed our government over to religious zealots and judges who no longer even bother with the pretense of impartiality. We stopped believing in science and resumed punishing women for being female and minorities for being born. Swap out Mohammed for Jesus and we’re you. Congratulations, al-Qaeda. We’re you.

For people shouting that the US government was complicit in plotting and executing 9/11, please just go kill yourselves. Do these dimwits really seem capable of planning that far in advance? Opportunists don’t need conspiracies. Just patience and enough stupid people to let them have their way. And America has no shortage of stupid people. We have a system of well funded, constitutionally protected religious institutions that manufactures them by the millions.


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Well Said

My eye is still twitching from reading this…

This is an email from a vendor seeking a contract worth tens of thousands of dollars. This is how the email started. It did not improve.