Good Guys Without Guts

Hero cop Scot Peterson, bravely hiding behind a wall for over forty-five minutes while children were murdered.

So there WAS an armed guard at the school. The proverbial “good guy with a gun” was an armed sheriff’s deputy. A hero cop who heard shots fired inside the school and bravely hid outside behind a brick wall while the people he was hired to protect were gunned down. So, please, post more of your brainless, cartoonish platitudes about how we need more guns in schools. More officers and guards on campus. Armed teachers. How a “good guy with a gun” would have stopped this. You mindless fucking idiots. The very scenario you have been preaching happened and it made no fucking difference. For all the fucking machismo and bluster you spew, when the moment of truth came, your good guy with a gun hid for OVER FORTY-FIVE MINUTES and listened while kids were MURDERED. And he did NOTHING. Fuck you, and fuck your idiotic rhetoric. Coddling gun owners DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. Accept it like a goddamned adult and maybe, just maybe, we can prevent some of these kids from being buried before they graduate.

And before you say anything, FUCK THE COP’S SIDE OF THE STORY. That “we don’t know all sides” argument is complete bullshit. You could say – and people have said – that exact same nonsense about anything from a parking violation to rape. That’s vague, meaningless rhetoric designed to spread out the blame and mask the issue. There’s only one side I’m interested in, and that’s the side of the students and teachers being shot at. The scenario that the NRA-backed whores in our government and the morons who follow them have always wanted has happened. A “good guy” with a gun was there when an active shooter was killing people. And make no mistake, they WANTED this scenario. It was their chance to show the liberal snowflakes what a real man with a gun could do when faced with a shooter. Only, despite all their chest pounding and swagger, it didn’t turn out like they said. A good guy with a gun didn’t stop the bad guy with the gun. The good guy with the gun was a fucking coward, and despite his training as a law enforcement officer, he hid behind a wall and listened to screams and gunshots while high school kids and teachers were murdered. So don’t try to feed me your horseshit about “sides.” You can’t expect a murderer to be morally accountable. That’s fucking idiotic. And apparently we can’t count on “good guys with guns” either. This stupid, cartoon fantasy these people have concocted IS NOT REAL. And I’m done with people who refused to admit when their bullshit doesn’t work.

Accountability means nothing in this situation. It doesn’t. Accountability is only measured after the fact. I don’t want to wait until a few dozen more kids, or movie goers, or church parishioners, or shoppers, or what have you, are murdered so we can examine the situation and see who’s to blame. People have been behaving selfishly and without accountability for the entirety of human history. That’s why we’ve ALWAYS needed laws and restrictions. Because people cannot be trusted with absolute freedom. Society cannot exist with absolute freedom. It doesn’t work. And we here in America have shown time and again that we cannot rely on our fellow citizens to responsibly handle the freedom to own military weaponry. The frequency of mass shootings has increased right along with the ease of obtaining military weapons. Because the weapons make mass murder easier. If we made grenades as easy to get as assault rifles, people would start throwing those into schools. We have decided that grenades are not the kind of mass murder weapon we’re comfortable with. But machine guns are fine, so we kill people with those. They are the tools of easy murder, and they have to go.

You Don’t Fucking Care

You know what we call it when a bunch of high school kids are blown away by a teenager with a machine gun? We call it Wednesday. Because nobody cares. Nobody cares about those dead kids. As soon as it happened, my liberal friends turned it into another “told you so” moment. They seemed almost happy about it. I don’t know what my conservative friends did, because almost every conservative person I’ve ever known has turned out to be a repugnant, morally bankrupt, hypocritical misanthrope, and I don’t make friends with people like that. But it’s pretty clear that everyone is just using these dead kids to add points to their own deluded little scoreboard. So fuck your thoughts and prayers, and fuck your lists and videos. You don’t fucking care. Nobody does. If anyone cared, we would have put a stop to this a long time ago. People say other countries hate us for a lot of reasons, be those reasons idiotic or plausible. But do you know why I think other people really hate Americans? Because we deserve it.

Any comments I don’t like will be deleted. If you don’t like it, go fuck yourself. Did that make you angry? Good. That means you’re paying attention. Plus, anger is motivational. It is a more useful emotion than despair. I learned that from Terminator 3.

These mass shootings are not going to stop. No one is interested in stopping them. It may not be a club next time. Maybe it’ll be another school or church. Maybe a mall, we haven’t had one of those in a while. But it is going to happen again. Everyone who argues against gun control is working hard to ensure that it does. And it’ll be followed up by the usual parade of bullshit.

I don’t give a fuck that you or the guys you went to high school with had gun racks in their trucks. I grew up in the country, and I knew guys that had gun racks and guns. Stop pretending it’s the same thing. The guys you went to high school with did not have machine guns in their pickup trucks. I’ve tried the whole “let’s not blame the guns” bullshit, and it doesn’t work. We have absolute mathematical proof from other countries that making it harder to get guns reduces mass shootings. It’s a fucking fact.

Here’s another fact: you’re arguing from an emotion. You grew up with guns and you didn’t get shot at, and you have good memories of people with guns. Me too. I grew up with guns. I like to shoot. I’m pretty good with a rifle. But people are being mowed down en masse. None of these kids had ever been shot before. Until they were. Your good memories, and mine, are meaningless. Your opinions, and mine, are meaningless. We have a chronic condition and we have a proven effective solution for that condition, and we are not implementing it. My fond memories of target shooting shouldn’t mean that elementary school kids take live fire from a legally purchased machine gun. My right to own guns is not that important. And neither are anyone else’s. We, as a nation, have shown that we cannot be trusted with freely available military hardware. And it should be taken away.


Finally got to see Wonder Woman, and DAMN! Hey, Warner Brothers, let Patty Jenkins direct all your superhero films from now on. ALL OF THEM. This lady knows how it’s done.


I’m in North Carolina surrounded by people who hate New England with a dark, frenetic passion I’ve never before witnessed in human beings. They all know I bet on the Patriots. I might legitimately be in physical danger. I have been advised to use my three year old niece as a human shield if things go badly. Using my brother has the advantage of more pounds of protective meat, but I feel they will definitely go through Jeremie to get to me. They might hesitate with a child. Emily is the safer choice. And it looks like it may come to that. If something goes wrong, tell my parents I love them.

Party Foul

Mouthy Christian lady at party: “Do you think you could watch your language, please?”
Me: “No, probably not.”
Mouthy Christian lady at party: “Well, then fuck you.” [storms off]
My Brother (to me): “Your lackadaisical fucking confidence makes me sick to my stomach.”