Boogie Nights

I don’t remember ever looking this young. Carrie, you, on the other hand, appear to never age, and I want to punch you for it.

I have no context for this picture. It was in a box of random photos we found in Mark’s basement. What we’re seeing here is my patented arm-up chin-down move, which would indicate that we were dancing and I was bringing out my A game. Not every lady gets to enjoy these sweet moves. So it must have been one hell of a night.

Women’s Wear

Just read an article and learned the word “bralette.” Looked it up. So these are just sexier bras, right? Just fancier, lacier boob holders, yes? Or am I missing something? That’s not rhetorical, I really want someone to explain it to me.

I was reading what was supposed to be a humorous article about a woman’s experience with a nipple piercing. It wasn’t so much funny as it was instructional. I didn’t laugh while reading the article, but I do feel like I could take expert care of a pierced nipple now, were that task assigned to me. She recommended bralettes instead of bras, even after healing, as bras compress the nipple too much for comfort while the piercing is in. So you ladies keep that in mind should your nipples need piercing. She also mentioned camisoles, which I need to look up. I feel like I really should know what those are by now.

That’s what a camisole is?! I LOVE camisoles! Or as I’ve always called them, “strappy girls’ shirts.”