Nazis Are Pussies

Hims a widdle scared. Hims heard dere MIGHT be a warrant for his arrest. MIGHT be. And that was enough to make Mr. Big Tough Nazi cwy wike a widdle baby. Hims name is Christopher Cantwell. Hims phone number, which this genius revealed online himself, is 631-791-5842. Let’s make sure that information gets into the hands of those who can hurt him most. #NaziLivesDontMatter

Crying Nazi Snowflake Needs A Safe Space (VIDEO)

By the way, you can watch this pussy cry a whole lot more in the full video. Honestly, and I’m not joking here, I just typed “crying Nazi bitch” into a Google search, and found the full video in seconds. He obviously thought better of releasing his phone number online; the video was deleted shortly after he posted it. Because Nazis apparently don’t understand how the internet works, this scheme failed, as you might have predicted. The video has been saved and reposted thousands of times. Good. Fuck ‘im.

I enjoy how he admits he has committed violence and been in jail, then minutes later says he isn’t violent and if he were, surely someone would know about it. Which is it? And if he’s been to jail before, why is he crying over a POSSIBLE warrant for his arrest? None of his story makes sense.

Shoot Nazis

We used to shoot Nazis. Remember that? That’s what you do with Nazis. You kill them. Preferably by the hundreds. You shoot them, you bomb them, you set them on fire… whatever it takes. You fucking kill Nazis. Remember back in the 1920s when everyone looked at white supremacist groups like they were a bunch of harmless wackos? And remember how they just left them alone, and neglected to kill them when they had the chance? That sort of patience and tolerance didn’t work out so well for the human race. It was actually a big fucking problem.

White supremacists, like termites, need to be rooted out and killed as soon as you discover them. By the time you see just one, damage has already been done. And that’s what we encountered before; a huge problem that someone didn’t take care of. A problem that could only be dealt with by expending hundreds of millions of bullets and millions of human lives. It was the single most expensive collective endeavor the human race has ever undertaken, and it was just to get rid of Nazis. So my suggestion is simple: we eliminate the problem now while it’s small, before it gets out of control again. Because that’s what’s going to happen. It’s the only thing that ever happens, because that’s what they want to happen.

I suggest that we adopt the very prudent and proven policy of my grandfathers, my great uncle, and all of their contemporaries: if you see a swastika, you kill the person wearing it. If you see a Nazi flag, you kill the person carrying it. If someone is shouting Nazi propaganda, you silence them, violently and permanently. And if one person in a group has a swastika and none of the others seems to mind, then you must assume they are all Nazis, and you mow them down en masse. Because that’s what you have to do. They are the enemy. They have tried to destroy America before, and, they are doing so again. We’ve already had to deal with this bullshit once, I have no patience for anyone who wants to drag us through it again.

What Do I Do?

I’ve gotten myself into big trouble at work. My bosses are pissed about my social media posts. My performance review score is the lowest it’s ever been. I’ve had to fire almost everyone on my team, and their replacements are even worse. Maybe I should start sending threats to the office building across the street that keeps threatening to sue us. That should get people back on my side.