SJW… In Space!

The new Star Trek series has a female captain and female first officer, and the Trumplodytes are losing their shit. They’re calling it “SJW in space.” Hey, dipshits, Star Trek IS social justice warriors in space. Always has been, for the last 50 MOTHERFUCKING YEARS. That’s what it was created to be since day one. How can you just have fucking noticed this?? It was created during violent civil rights unrests and a black woman is one of the highest ranking officers on the ship. It was created during the massively unpopular Vietnam War and the second in command, Mr. Spock, comes from a planet of pacifists. And, during the most tense and perilous part of the Cold War, they put a fucking Russian officer on the bridge. Seriously, where the fuck have you been?

“Just saw the trailer for the new Star Wars movie and guess what they put in it? Goddamn lasers and spaceships. Way to sell out to the Jews who run the special effects companies, snowflakes. Guess we just can’t have any of OUR traditions. #theforceiswhitewithyou #obamawankenobi”

Quick original series breakdown by season, episode number, and social content that will last until my thumb gets tired of typing:

S1 E07 Mudd’s Women – anti sexism
S1 E15 Balance Of Terror – anti dehumanization of political enemies
S1 E17 The Galileo Seven – anti racism, pro cross-cultural tolerance
S1 E19 Arena – calls for an end to “an eye for an eye” thinking
S1 E24 A Taste Of Armageddon – anti militarism
S1 E26 The Devil In The Dark – anti aggression
S2 E05 The Apple – pro intellectualism, anti superstition
S2 E06 The Doomsday Machine – anti nuclear proliferation
S2 E10 Journey To Babel – anti racism, anti nationalism
S2 E13 Obsession – anti revenge
S2 E17 A Piece Of The Action – anti dogmatism, anti violence
S2 E21 Patterns Of Force – warning against the rise of neo-Nazi white supremacy groups
S2 E26 Bread And Circuses – anti state controlled media
S3 E06 Spectre Of The Gun – anti romanticization of violence
S3 E07 Day Of The Dove – anti war, anti aggression
S3 E15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield – anti racism
S3 E20 The Way To Eden – sympathetic to protesters and antiestablishment ideology
S3 E21 The Cloud Minders – anti elitism, anti class-based socioeconomics

And those are just the ones I remember. In truth, liberal and socially conscious ideology is sprinkled throughout almost every episode of Star Trek at some point. And it’s ironic that the whiners would try to use the term “social justice warrior” as a pejorative. Any hard core Trekkie like myself will hear that and say, “You’re goddamned right.”

Beauty Is Bullshit

Stop teaching little girls that all women are beautiful. It’s preposterous and harmful. Most human beings, male and female alike, are not beautiful. And kids know it. You’re teaching children to place such a high value on beauty that it’s acceptable to lie about it in the face of obvious evidence to the contrary. Beauty is not the yardstick of a woman’s worth, nor anyone else’s. Beauty is not a requirement. Stop treating it as such. #UNACCEPTABLE

What can we teach about beauty? That’s not rhetorical, I honestly want to know. And I’m not talking about beauty in a metaphorical sense, I mean physical, visual beauty. What can we teach about that sort of beauty that doesn’t also teach little girls to covet those who have it? What can we teach about visual beauty that doesn’t make those who lack it feel inferior? Every time I see a picture of a physically disfigured girl on Facebook with a caption asking people to tell her she’s beautiful, it infuriates me. It insults that girl. The implied lesson she learns is that beauty is so important that we need to campaign for it. That if enough people think she’s beautiful, she’s valued. How fucked up is that? Beauty does not equal self worth, and by teaching a girl that it does, you do that girl one of the most grievous injustices I can imagine.

Again, I’m speaking specifically about the valuation of physical, visual beauty. Saying someone has a beautiful mind or soul is meaningless. It’s undefined. It doesn’t speak to something that is measurable and tangible. Weight is measurable. Symmetry of features is measurable. Whiteness and alignment of teeth are measurable. Breast size is measurable. Clothing and jewelry is measurable. Skin tone is measurable. Shoe size is measurable. These are quantifiable things that are used to define physical beauty, and if a girl doesn’t have those things, the valuation of beauty tells her that she is measurably less valuable than those who do. Teaching a girl to accept alternate definitions of beauty still teaches the underlying lesson that she is only worth what other people think of her. And that is the root of the problem.

Yes, I am using our cultural definition of beauty. Because that is the standard by which our culture measures women, constantly. And changing the definition of beauty does not fix the problem. In fact, if anything at all can be called beautiful, then the word becomes entirely meaningless. I really think this is harmful to women. The implied argument is that little girls should be taught to value beauty so long as beauty doesn’t mean anything. Well, what sense does that make? There’s no such thing as mental beauty. That’s ridiculous. TMZ does not send cameramen to beaches to sneak pictures of scantily clad minds. Playboy never had a Spirit Of The Month centerfold. I was referring to physical, visual beauty. Some people try to redefine beauty so that anyone can point to any quality they possess and say, “There! THAT is beauty!” Which fails to address the underlying problem, which is that girls are still being made to believe that they are beautiful because beauty is required of them. A girl should never have to feel that her worth to herself or society is tied to her beauty, in whatever form you decide to define it. It sends the message that in order to be worth anything, you MUST be appealing to others. You must conform to societal expectations of females. You must be beautiful.

Everyone is NOT beautiful. And there’s nothing wrong with that. How attractive other people find you is not a measure of your value as a human being. It does not determine your success, your character, your abilities, nor your charm. Teaching little girls that everyone is beautiful carries with it the unspoken message that you must have beauty to belong. It places a social and internal value on beauty that stigmatizes any girl who doesn’t see herself as beautiful.


98% of people won’t repost this because they’re embarrassed to admit that Bacon is our true lord and savior. #maplecuredmessiah #hickorysmokedsalvation

John Jordan Crittenden

Any Trump-minded people who live in Crittenden might want to contact your President and let him know some people DID try to avoid the Civil War. And we know that because Crittenden, KY was named after one of the guys trying to stop it. Maybe if President Cheeto McTeensyhands spent a little less time paying Russian hookers to piss on him he could have learned that before he opened his gaping orange cockwasher and embarrassed our nation YET AGAIN.