Pedophiles In The TSA

TSA Detains Young Boy for Invasive Pat Down || ViralHog

Any friends in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please make sure your friends know this guy’s face. I’ve been through this airport a few times, and the most that I have EVER experienced is that they wand you and pat your pockets. That’s all. This is not only excessive, it’s very fucking clear that this guy is rubbing down a child with no cause other than that he is enjoying it. Do the kids in your area a favor, and make this motherfucker FAMOUS.

I appreciate those trying to assume the best in this situation, but I the argument that he was being searched because of his laptop is pretty specious. I went to through this exact airport with a team of IT guys. Almost all of us had laptops, as did a good percentage of the rest of the passengers on the flight. None of the laptops triggered any sort of alarm. Not one of us was stopped and searched like this. And the TSA has a history of employing sexual deviants who DO get their rocks off in plain sight, such as the many agents who have been filmed groping young women, and the pervert who was openly masturbating to female x-rays WHILE HE WAS WORKING AT THE SCANNER.

I understand that you don’t want to believe this kind of thing could happen right out in the open, but let me ask you this: if this were your kid, and he was singled out for a search based on an exceptionally flimsy excuse like this, how long would it take for you to suspect ulterior motives? How many times would you watch a stranger feel your son’s body, repeatedly probing his buttocks and crotch, before you became suspicious? I’ll bet it wouldn’t take this long. This kid clearly had nothing on him that wouldn’t have been discovered on the first pass. If they wanted to harass the mother, they could have simply pulled her out of line and performed this exact search on her. But that’s not what happened. What happened is that this man used his position of authority to justify repeatedly rubbing down a child’s body when it seems quite clear that it is completely unnecessary. Given the history of criminal sexual misconduct by TSA agents, this seems egregious at best. Is this man a pedophile? I don’t know. Sure looks like it. What I do know is that he is in a position of authority and is touching children inappropriately. And that cannot be tolerated.


Tonight’s episode: “The IT Crowd”

I was watching a British television show and I spotted a poster for Southgate House. Not just a Southgate House. It was specifically labeled “Newport, KY.”

I had to rewind it twice because I was certain I was reading it incorrectly. I even memorized the episode number because I was so floored to see a small local venue from a small Kentucky city show up on the set of an English sitcom.

In case you’re not familiar with The IT Crowd, it’s a very sci-fi/geek friendly show, and it is absolute comic gold. The episode in question is series 4, episode 4, called “Italian For Beginners.” It’s easy not to see because there’s a lot going on in the episode, and all of it is hilarious. But if you keep your eyes peeled, you will see the poster in the IT office, near Roy’s desk. You can see most of it when Roy is talking about the mysterious fire, but wait until Jen stands just to the side of the poster and makes fun of Moss. You can see it very clearly. It may be visible in other episodes as well, but s4e4 was the first time I noticed it.

This has been another thrilling episode of…