Actually, I think it’ll be a lot worse than Nazi Germany for most Americans. The Nazis went after minorities. These changes will negatively impact the vast majority of Americans. They are paving the way for the extraction of so much money from our nation that we will be reduced to a third world country. Imagine everywhere you go being Flint, Michigan. No responsibility. No accountability.

What We’ve Become

When I was a kid, the Soviet Union was the big boogie man. When I asked my parents and aunts and uncles what made America better than the USSR, they pointed out specifically this, the fact that we can travel freely without having to produce “papers” in order not to be stopped or jailed. Now those very people who taught me what freedom was have voted in an administration that has reduced us to the exact oppressive measures they once criticized as characteristically communist and absolutely un-American. What a small, sad, paranoid, country we’ve allowed ourselves to become. This disgusts me.


Tonight’s episode: “Hitty’s”

Previously on Tales From Newport!, we witnessed a dangerous criminal biker gang incite panic in the streets outside of Smitty’s Cafe, a local bar less than a block from my house. And now that wretched hive of scum and villainy has been demolished by an overdosing driver who passed out behind the wheel and drove his truck THROUGH THE FRONT WALL. Unbelievably, he was the only one hurt. Traffic on my street, as you may well imagine, is currently a raging BITCH.

This has been another chilling episode of…

Glycemic Index

Someone at work left me a diabetic friendly Valentine! Actually, my blood sugar has been high lately, so I think somebody just wants me to not die. I have chronically low potassium as well, so it was actually quite thoughtful.


Are you seriously blaming the media for things she said TO the media? Get your head out of your ass. Stop trying to pretend she was somehow tricked into this. She is full of shit. This administration is full of shit. The whole shitty house of cards is collapsing, and rapidly. You can no longer blame the Obama administration, they’re gone. These are the losers you wanted. These are the losers you voted for. You have no one to blame for this massive clusterfuck but yourself. Suck it up, cupcake. This is the situation you created. Wallow in it.