And so it begins…

Before the farce begins, I think it’s historically important that we remember that the first country the Nazis invaded was Germany. And their Führer was legally elected.

On Liberty

Fucking disgusting. This is one of the fundamental American freedoms. For better or worse, without it there would be no America as we know it. Trump is determined to move this country towards a Chinese/North Korea style of pseudo-communist dictatorship. It’s how small minds have to rule, because they can’t comprehend nor process the types of ideas and ideals necessary to create and maintain a democratic republic. If you support this festering ass clown, then fuck you. Just fuck you.

Last Son Of Krypton

Pictured: Not me, not my castle.

If you have not yet taken the opportunity to go outside, raise your arms, and let this wind whip your coat behind you like Superman’s cape, I vigorously suggest that you do so. The sound and sensation are phenomenal.

Systematic Weakness

This is how it starts, by quietly eliminating those who keep watch. The next step is passing laws that make it illegal for anyone else to watch in their place. This will happen, and soon. The United States may take a long time to die, but the mortal wound was inflicted in 2016. And I no longer believe that anyone is really interested in trying to save the patient.

“Had the House not changed course, Congress would likely have adopted a rules package today that would have gutted OCE, the independent body created in 2008 to investigate corruption and misconduct by members of Congress. The office would have been renamed the Office of Congressional Complaint Review and would be nestled under the House Ethics Committee. The new body would have been unable to make any of its findings public or to refer them to law enforcement without approval.”

And before any of you super sensitive Trumpflakes whine in the comments section, this is not about Trump. This is about Congress. Trump isn’t even in office yet, so he had nothing to do with this. I’m sure he’ll have his share of sinister shit to answer for, but this wasn’t his doing.

Amber’s On A Boat

“Take a good, hard look at the muthafuckin’ boat… The boat engine make noise, motherfucker.”

This is Amber Norris’s mix CD, and it is pretty much all I’ve been listening to for the last couple of days. Every time I start to listen to something else, “Party Hard” comes on and I’m stuck. Then Tenacious D’s “Tribute” and “Wonderboy” take me far away from the mucky muck. And just when I think I can bring myself to hit eject, Muse pounds out “Uprising” until I’m angry and pumped. But just when I’m stoked enough to punch someone, something completely unexpected and kind of magical happens. My oldest musical love, The Beach Boys, show up and completely soothe and transport me with “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

This CD is always surprising and funny and charming and eclectic and fun, and, even though I’ve listened to it a thousand times, it is somehow never what I expect. It is, essentially, Amber. It’s like riding around with snippets of her brain and soul in my CD player. And then the disc starts over and track 01 lands me right back on a boat, motherfucker. With my nautical themed pashmina afghan. Riding a dolphin doin’ flips and shit.