Dug In

There is no running water on Mars. That’s bullshit. For DECADES we have been told that Mars is a cold desert. It is written in all the science texts I grew up with, and my parents, and my grandparents before them. Who are these people to come around and tell us that what I know in my heart to be true is all a lie? Where is the proof? I haven’t seen any pictures of water running, or waterfalls, or rapids. How do we know they’re not just making it up? Anybody can just SAY there’s running water on Mars. But I can show you a hundred books written for years and years by top scientists in their fields who can tell you exactly why that is not true. It’s a free country. You can believe anything you want. But you’re an absolute idiot if you can’t see what I’m saying here. There is no running water on Mars. Maybe long ago, but not for millions of years. These people want to lead our children astray down the false path of new “proof” that only they control and disseminate. Are you really going to buy it? From the people in charge now? Come on. Don’t be as stupid as they hope we all are. They’ll say and do ANYTHING to get you to give up the truth. Don’t believe their lies.


So it turns out I actually CAN successfully replace the magnetron in a microwave. And not get myself electrocuted. I’m counting that as two separate wins.

Something else of note: if you paid for a $1200 top of the line Maytag microwave, what you actually got is a $300 Samsung. Samsung power supply, Samsung magnetron, Samsung circuit board… it was fucking ridiculous.