The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: I’ve just discovered that the pain associated with trying and failing to pop a zit on your inner thigh causes immediate onset of advanced Tourette syndrome. Someone call The New England Journal Of Medicine and have them reserve next month’s cover.

I’ve already got a great title. It literally came out of my mouth against my will: FUCK SHIT COCKFUCK!: The Hidden Neurodermatological Pain Receptor/Tourette Link.

CHECKUP: There is an old male principal that served me well… “If you do something that causes a problem, it’s a certainty that doing more of that thing will SOLVE the problem.” So I squeezed extra hard until I had tears in my eyes and it popped. This hard knot of what I can only assume was once pus popped out of my skin and the throbbing is gone now, mostly.