Does anyone have any idea what this logo is?

I have no idea. I got an envelope in the mail with no return address and nothing inside but about a dozen of these stickers, each about an inch and a half square. All lime green, all completely devoid of identification. No copyright marks, nothing. I’m trying to figure out what the hell they are. Someone asked me if it was the same as this:

Yes! What is that?!

UPDATE: I got this helpful advice: “Can’t tell from photo do not lick these stickers!”

Oh, it’s far too late for that. I make a point of licking any and every unidentifiable thing I find in mysterious unmarked envelopes.

UPDATE 2022: Today is 11 March 2022, and I have just figured out what this goddamed logo is. To everyone who refused to tell me for the las eight years: you are all a bunch of bastards.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: I’ve just discovered that the pain associated with trying and failing to pop a zit on your inner thigh causes immediate onset of advanced Tourette syndrome. Someone call The New England Journal Of Medicine and have them reserve next month’s cover.

I’ve already got a great title. It literally came out of my mouth against my will: FUCK SHIT COCKFUCK!: The Hidden Neurodermatological Pain Receptor/Tourette Link.

CHECKUP: There is an old male principal that served me well… “If you do something that causes a problem, it’s a certainty that doing more of that thing will SOLVE the problem.” So I squeezed extra hard until I had tears in my eyes and it popped. This hard knot of what I can only assume was once pus popped out of my skin and the throbbing is gone now, mostly.


I have no desire to avoid the word fuck. Or cunt. Or shit. Or any other “vulgar” words. I am an adult, and I use adult language when I see fit. I don’t find words vulgar. What I find vulgar is people who support a religion which is known to have institutionalized the rape of children. I find it vulgar that people would repress the free speech and thought of their own friends, family and countrymen to accommodate their own squeamishness. I find it vulgar that half my country supports a political party that – in the 21st century- lobbies to curtail civil and human rights based on race and sexuality. I find it vulgar that the sentiment inherent in the words “nigger” and “faggot” is publicly denounced, yet considered perfectly acceptable when expressed behind closed doors or whispered to the likeminded. I find it vulgar that I’ve recently had to deal with an asshole criticizing my language who, in another conversation, condemned his own sister for being a “nigger-loving bitch.” But apparently that’s ok, because he reads his Bible every morning. So somehow it all equals out. I find these things repugnant and vulgar in the extreme.

Comparatively, the word “fuck” seems to me to be harmless, even innocent. It’s just a sound. It has never harmed anyone. Besides, the Pope dropped the F-bomb during a public address just a few days ago. And if Der Papa can say it, how bad can it really be?

This. This is my definition of vulgar:

Pakistan clerics declare ban on child marriage un-Islamic

“See you on the other side, Ray…”

How I Met Your Mother made me sadder, sadder, sadder, then BAM!, perfect ending. And the most amazing use of a Ghostbusters quote I have ever seen in popular fiction. Very nicely done. I may have to get some DVDs and watch this series from the beginning.