I’m SO excited to be working this weekend!! YEAH, WORK ROCKS!!! And I’m thrilled to be working all though Thanksgiving week AND the following Saturday, HELLZ TO THE YEAHHH!! And Christmas Eve and Christmas?? WORKIN’ ‘EM, BITCHES!!! And workin’ the weekend after? YOU GODDAM RIGHT!! What’s wrong, u jelly??

Where’s my fukkin air guitar? CUZ I’M WORKIN’, MUTHFUCKAHS!! Oh yeah!! “That’s why they call me… call me the workin’ man! Call me the workin’ man! I guess that’s what I am…”

Catch you later, suckahs. Enjoy yo lame ass free time with family and friends. I’m headin’ in to mothatruckin’ WORK!! Say hi to your “loved ones” for me! Haha! LOLROTFLMFAOBBQM16!! WOOOO!!! I’m goin’ ta WORK!!!

You working, sweet thang, or is you MUTHAFUKKIN’ WORKIN’!!?? Let’s hear that enthusiasm, baby. You don’t need to spend time with yo kids this weekend. NOT WHEN YOU CAN GO TA WORK!! HELL YES!

Paycheck? Hell, they’re lettin’ me work the weekends, baby! I’D DO THAT SHIT FOR FREE!! Time to go to work! WOOOO!!

Yes. Interesting that I chose now to bargain for a pay increase, so shortly after finding out about all the upcoming overtime I will be working, is it not? One might say it is VERY interesting. One might also say that one is very fortunate that one’s contracting firm neglects to consult with the VP in charge of one’s schedule to see if one has a shit ton of extra days on said schedule that one will now be getting time and a half for at his new rate. One might also say that Chris is about to get fucking PAID. 🙂

Ooh, why you gotta turn me on with the sexy talk when I’m too busy to take advantage?? I’d love to lay in bed all day and let you feed me delicious, crispy swineflesh and wrap your cute ass self around me, but I got a better offer… I’M GOIN’ TA WORK, BABY! And I’m working ALL… WEEKEND… LONG!! Fuck yeah! AIN’T NOTHIN’ SEXIER THAN THAT!!

Doesn’t it rule?! Doesn’t it just kick all kinds of ass!? HOLIDAYS ARE FOR SUCKAS, SUCKAS! While you chumps are unwrapping presents and drinking champagne at midnight, I will be riding out the holiday storms LIKE A SEXUAL TORNADO ROCK ‘N’ ROLL GOD OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING in front of my computer in the office!!

Oh, did you get something good in your stocking? Well, I’m so proud of you. Cause guess what I got? I GOT TO WORK, BITCHES!! HELLS YES!! Aww, did you get a little kiss when the ball dropped? That’s cute. But I was dropping ballz ALL UP IN THAT WORKPLACE, MOTHERFUKKKKAAZZ!! Deal widdit, losers!

ROKKIN’ ASS UPDATE: SWEET BUTTERY NIPPLES OF CHRIST, WORK WAS SOOO AWESOME!!! I literally shat myself with excitement! Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow! WOOOO!!!

No Disintegrations!

You might not recognize Jeremy Bulloch without his helmet on. This is the original BOBA FETT. Hell, yeah!

Too bad I was using the setting on my digital camera that makes me look like Peter fucking Griffin.