I’ve been posting on Facebook, but it’s getting slower and slower. The Sci-Fi Guys website is hosted on a server cluster in Germany, so maybe we will be up a little longer than the US servers. I don’t know. I can’t be certain of anything at this point other than that the human race is on the brink of extinction. Here’s what I’ve posted so far:

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Click the pic to get the song!

99 years ago today the Titanic struck an iceberg and became a legend. About 9 hours ago today I finished recording my second single, an attempt to more honestly retell James Cameron’s Titanic from the male perspective, set to the soothing sounds of dirty Brit punk rock and death metal drums. Legendary? Only history will tell.

HUGE thanks go out to Quentin Baker and Elden White, without whom this song would have remained unheard and unheeded, as it has been since I wrote it back in 2000. As always, you guys kick much ass.

Episode 9 Is On The Air!

The Sci-Fi Guys, Episode 9: BaconFest

I should have posted this weeks ago, but the latest episode of The Sci-Fi Guys is on the air! Watch it right here! Episode 9: “BaconFest” features an exclusive interview with author Kim Harrison and more bacon than you can clog an artery at. We’ve got a new Saturday showtime in addition to our established Tuesday night timeslot, new intro graphics, and much, much more! (Alright, not “much, much more,” but isn’t that exclamation point exciting?)

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