Flora & Zen

Just attended a Japanese Buddhist chant ceremony and living tree sculpture exhibit at an abandoned church, then headed to the Conservatory to enjoy the bonsai and try pawpaws for the first time in my life, then had tacos filled with spiced pumpkin flowers. What an awesome day so far, and it’s not even 4 PM yet.

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Fuck The Netherlands

As of about 11:30 PM last night, I am officially a recorded singer/songwriter with a finished single under his belt. Huge thanks to the band Firehawk for their incredible support, musical talent, and patience with recording and mixing. It’s not easy being new to all this, but you guys made it a blast. And thanks to everyone else for all the encouragement along the way. Keep your ears open, the song will be out soon!

Unless we’re talking about foreign, satellite or pirate channels, I think I can give you a 100%, rock solid, money-in-the-bank guarantee that my song will NEVER be played on the radio. I think this song has legs, but it’s going to be an internet song, not something that gets mainstream broadcast. But the reception I’m getting has been overwhelmingly positive. Alison, who is my new favorite person in the whole world, heard a 95% complete demo before I ever met her. The first thing she told me when we met was that it was her favorite song. That’s an amazing kind of feeling it is damn hard to put into words. You guys rock!

For Alison and whomever else heard the penultimate mix, you’ve pretty much heard the finished product, but we cleaned up the end. I liked the organ fade, but went on a bit too long. The Axl vocals proved really popular, so we ended with Axl and the organ and punctuated it with… well, I don’t want to give it away, but it had us cracking up when we heard it. I think it’s the perfect way to end the song. It was such a cool feeling when we played the final mix all the way through and I realized I had an actual, complete song that started in my brain a few months ago and is now ready for everyone in the world to hear. It was a really happy moment. And to top it off, I got a round of golf clap applause from Firehawk. It was a moment I’m never going to forget.