Love & Guitars: Mathilda

This is Mathilda.

Yes, I am aware she is a Spectrum. Yes, I am aware that is a beginner’s guitar. Yes, I am aware that Spectrums are notorious for being poorly made and falling out of tune. And, yes, I know I have been playing guitar on and off for about 18 years now and I should know better. Spectrums are low quality trouble.

But not Mathilda.

I picked her up at a pawn shop for next to nothing. They threw in all manner of goodies to get me to take her home with me – a gig bag worth almost as much as she is, a ton of picks, some useless plastic tuning tools, 20% off what they were originally asking, and no sales tax. All unnecessary. I loved her as soon as I saw her.

She bucks the Spectrum convention by holding a tune like a nightingale. Whomever she was with last might have left her, but at one time they loved her. They took care of every part of her. I tuned her once, and only once, and that was on the day I bought her several months ago. I’ve never had to touch her headstock since. I knew what I was getting into when I picked her up, and although she’s a little heavier than I usually like, I am not the kind of man to let a little extra weight or rumors of a weak constitution scare me off. Talk is cheap. You have to get to know a girl before you can judge her. And Mathilda is worth it.

I loved the way she sounded when I played her in the shop, and she sounds even better now. There is a strangely smooth action on her fretboard… she almost encourages me to slide my fingers all over her. Which, of course, I do. So far, I’ve heard no complaints.

Spectrum S-Type Electric
6-String Solid Body
BODY: Hardwood, Tobacco Burst finish
NECK: Maple
FRETBOARD: Rosewood, Mother Of Pearl inlay
BRIDGE: Fender-Style Saddle

Love & Guitars: Heather

This is Heather. Fucking gorgeous, isn’t she? She’s named after the only girls with whom I will ever share The Dracula Blanket. If you don’t know what that means, don’t fret it. Only my Heathers know.

1997/1998 Washburn Shadow Series WS-6/R
6 String Solid Body
BODY: Select Hardwood
NECK: Maple, Bolt-On
FRETBOARD: Rosewood, Acrylic White inlay
BRIDGE: Fulcrum