A Very Sci-Fi Sick Day

I feel like the Devil shit in my mouth. My nose is dripping like Slimer, I got a pain in my throat like an Alien chewing it’s way out, and I’m coughing up more green stuff than Linda Blair. I’m like a one-man special effects unit.

Guess what production I will NOT be starring in today? Work.

UPDATE: Broke down and went to the doctor. I have a massive respiratory infection aggravated by allergies. I’m now on antibiotics, an anti-allergy med, an anti-inflammatory, and a 4x daily medicated nasal spray. I got it bad, and that ain’t good. Next time someone that loves me tells me to go to the doctor, I’m going to listen. No more stubborn male pride, I promise this time… probably.

Toys That Rock: Opening Acts

Cape by Batman. baldric and sash by Captain Jack Sparrow. Headless five string bass by KISS. Anthropomorphization by the mutagen ooze.
Dragon sports a late ’50s rockabilly hollow body, while Black Manta rocks a custom Flying-V I like to call “The Nuge.”
Givin’ it up for Lucifer.
I call this guitar “Who-Dey.” It’s pretty much my favorite of all the toy guitars I own. That last sentence makes me sad.
Classic pose in tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
“Thank you, Cleveland! Good night!”


I’m happy to report that although I am almost certain to die alone, when I die I will die with more toys than ANY of you.

Seriously, I could literally not move from this spot and still reach at least 20 different toys. And that’s not including all my video games. It’s ridiculous. I’m like a giant 8 year old. No wonder I can’t keep a woman.

If I get up and take one single step, I can actually get a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. And not a new one.

I apologize.

I’ve always thought of Styx as something of a poor man’s Rush. But after last night’s concert I have to face the fact that I have never given them the credit they deserve. I was wrong, and have been for years. Styx fucking ROCKED. Never in a million years would I have thought I would enjoy a Styx show that much. I will most definitely be going to see them again.