Halloween (Eye) Candy

Okay, folks, I’m strapped for time, I need an article for the day, and I need it ASAP. Guess what? I don’t have one. So to compensate, I’m giving something away free to anyone who wants it. No tricks; just click the pic to get your treat.

It’s not a lack of material, it’s a lack of time. I know I’m kind of copping out on my promise for a new article every day until Halloween, but I just really don’t feel like staying here at the office until 2 AM again. The banner you see saw at the top of this page (back in 2006) took me a damn long time to piece together, and I’d like someone to get some use out of it after our Halloween celebration is all said and done. I’ve turned it into an 800×600 wallpaper that I’ve been using here at work, and hopefully some of you might find it useful when Halloween rolls around again next year. Just click the thumbnail below above to get the full-size picture, then right click to save it to your PC or set it as your wallpaper. And in case I don’t see you tomorrow, Happy Halloween!

2021 UPDATE: Remember when an 800×600 wallpaper was a thing? God, I’m old.

Quentin finally sees Underworld: Evolution and X-Men 3

Okay, so I haven’t seen a single movie this year – I’ve been preparing for a wedding, which is another way of saying “busy and broke”.  Finally, last night, Vickie and I got to rent some movies.  I kept with the spirit of the holidays and stuck with a “freaks” theme: Gothy Freaks (Underworld: Evolution), Cool Freaks (X-Men 3: The Last Stand) and Dead Freaks (Corpse Bride).

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Chris doesn’t feel too good…

I’m out of the office today, folks. I feel like crap and I’m worn out from nothing at all. I think I have sympathy exhaustion now that Evil-Lyn’s been born. It’s the only explanation I can think of. I don’t have much content to offer, so I promise I’ll make it up to you with a really, really, really good article tomorrow. Pinky swear.

In the meantime, I just caught part of The Fly (the Jeff Goldblum version) on TV, and I was pleased to see that they didn’t cut out the vomit scene. That gave me an idea for today’s article. I want to see Halloween vomiting. Here’s the rule – vomit must be coming from one of the following: 1) a jack o’ lantern, 2) a scary movie or special, or 3) a monster. I’ll start us off:

Chris loves Halloween music

Halloween is the only time of the year that I can buy things like plastic skulls and glow in the dark spiders and not be treated like a freak. Its also the only time of year I can find CDs full of music accompanied by moans and screams without having to visit my local porn shop’s fetish room. Come on in; I’m giving you a 100% no more “Ghostbusters” remixes guarantee.

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Chris would bite “The Ghost That Feeds”

Click to hear Ray Parker Jr. vs. Nine Inch Nails, “The Ghost That Feeds”

Remix by Nathan Chase

Ray Parker Jr. vs. The Chemical Brothers, “Ghostbusters Come Inside”

Remix by Sean McColgan

Ray Parker Jr. vs. Michael Jackson, “Ghostbusters Bad”

Remix hosted by MJTKOP.com. Zipped file; download and unzip to play.

Ray Parker Jr. vs. Busta Rhymes, “Ghost Busta”

Remix by Dirty Marc

Ray Parker Jr., “Ghostbusters”

The original sweetness. Hosted by XenaFan


Ray Parker Jr. vs. Obie Trice vs. Missy Elliot, “Freaky Teethbusters”

Remix by Essexboy

Lots more great Halloween mashes and remixes here:

Sci-Fi Movie News

The Q is in effect! Ho-ah, let’s get up to date on some Sci-Fi movie news.   While there are other movies that I’m more interested in telling you guys about, by my contract with Chris (written in the blood of virgins, which I’m sure you can guess costs a lot) the first movie news bit I have for you is the old Sci-Fi standard, Star Trek.  According to TrekMovie, it turns out that STXI is planned for Summer 2008 and things are coming along nicely for the flick.  I cannot help but think that things are going to go very sour for them though – you know that it’s about the original series characters, right?

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Got some Transformers news for dat ass

Apparently Volkswagen would not let the studio use the Volkswagen design for Bumblebee. My guess is that the script called for him to be a classic Beetle just like the original toy, and then he would get upgraded to the new model, kind of like what they’re doing with the Camaro. Apparently, Volkswagen didn’t agree. Funny; they didn’t seem to have too much of a problem with it back in the 80s, because Takara and Hasbro never paid them a dime to make a VW Beetle robot back then.

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