Episode 7 setback

Bad news: its not done yet. Good news: the site is kicking and the DVDs are on the way…

Bad News: My hard drive here at work crashed and took Ep7 with it. So there will be delays. Fortunately, I have a somewhat complete backup copy, so hopefully the setback won’t be too major.

Good News: I’ve decided to stop being a lazy ass and start giving you good people some web content. So look to the right for some links to cast info, reviews, etc.

More Good News: Q has completed the first Sci-Fi Guys DVD, and it kicks more ass than Grimlock at a Sharkticon… you know… thing. Jesus, I’ve lost the ability to be witty. Screw it; just email Q and tell him thanks for taking my stupid little show and putting it in all your grubby… clutchy little… hands.


Thanks for watching,