Random Artwork Wednesday: “Did You Notice A Sign”

I’ve never worked with tempera glitter paint before, and after this I never want to work with it again. It is difficult to apply, difficult to see, it dissolves underlying dried paint, and doesn’t give anything like the finished effect I was looking for. Still, I’m happy with the way this turned out, especially the weathering on the yellow stripes. I feel like I’m finally getting a real feel for making colors do what I want on black canvas.

That Chiefs Kicker Is Very, Very Gay

Empathy would dictate that I should try to see things from that football player’s point of view, but my house doesn’t have closets that deep.

Random Artwork Wednesday: “A Moment Of Clarity”

This painting was made entirely without the use of brushes. All paints used in this piece were dropped from their bottles onto the canvas and allowed to run their courses guided only by gravity. Once on the canvas, the paints were never physically touched.

Chris Loves Missing Link Optimus Prime

You ever get something so much better than you expected that you are legitimately astonished? The 40th anniversary of the Transformers franchise was always going to be well celebrated, but never in my wildest imagination would I have thought that what appears to be yet another re-release of the classic 1984 Optimus Prime would be so impressive. I assure you this thing makes good on the promise of being more than meets the eye. Click the pic and check it out!

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