Chris reviews Campbell’s The Batman soup

Like most of my more interesting purchases, this is one of those things I knew I should throw in the shopping cart before I thought about it too long. If I’m not careful, the adult in me will take over and ruin all sorts of fun. So when I saw this on the shelf, I grabbed a can, ran to the checkout, tossed a handful of change at the cashier, and bolted. I was going to have my The Batman soup, by god, and no one was going to interfere… especially not me.

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Chris reviews “The Big Broadcast Of 2006”

“The Big Broadcast Of 2006″… straight from 1987. This is in no way a holiday article, but this is my last chance to review this in the year 2006, and I’m not going to miss my opportunity. So without further delay, let’s take a look at this third season episode of The Transformers, starring my favorite insane robots made out of garbage, the Junkions!

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